A trip down my Canine Lane

It’s been years since her death. She was beautiful, kind, funny, energetic, mischievous, loving and Loyal. She read me well. She could feel if I was upset, or sick or lonely without me having to tell her anything. She would often come and sit near me, laying her head gently on my lap when my mom was away for work. She would at times lick my face as if to say ‘I am with you’. She would wag her gorgeous tail to tell me how happy she was to be with me. She was the only friend I knew who loved me unconditionally right through my third grade. She would make my one month school holiday, a holiday. I would spend hours sitting under the tree or at home with her. We would go for long walks and many rounds of catch in our garden. We would go running in circles till we ran out of breadth. She became my coach teaching me some of life’s important lessons – love unconditionally and live happily no matter what the circumstance. She was my ‘Stupid’, my Spanish Pomeranian!