Lessons from Ma – The Flower!

I don’t understand people, I just don’t. The minute I realise their thoughts don’t sync with mine, no matter how good they think of me, or how good they are to me, I eventually tend to stray away. It becomes difficult to hold on to a relationship be it with a friend, a colleague or a relative in the long run. May be it’s a serial problem with me and no matter how many times I have attempted to resolve this negative behaviour, its always there.

It’s been a few weeks now since an incident (nothing serious) with someone in my close circuit and I have been feeling betrayed, disappointed and drifted. Now you might ask or think if something less severe can actually seed such a response. Well, yes! In my case, the process of bonding with someone is slow. I was hurt here and this led to a series of small things that built into a mass of unwanted questions like:

  • Why did they say this?
  • Why did they do this?
  • Why did they use such words or a particular word?
  • How can they think about me like this?
  • Am I at fault?
  • Have they been pretending to like me all along?
  • Can I pretend to be fine with them?
  • Can I put this past me and look forward to a cordial relationship?

Ever since that day, a lot of things like what they have said or done makes me question their behaviour on the whole. Though it immediately triggers a feeling of disconnection, it hasn’t come to the point where I would cut off all ties which I can’t but I am somewhere in between. To seek help on my attitude, I went to my teacher, my mom.

Mothers are the best gift any child can get. They guide you when you are lost, scold you when you are wrong and track you back on the righteous path. And my mother was no different. She held my hand, walked me to our balcony, showed me a flower and asked – ‘What do you think of flowers?’ After a standard response, her next question was ‘Do you think they expect anything in life?’ They bloom at the wake of sunrise, share their radiance through their colour, spread their positivity through their smell, smile brilliantly throughout the day and slowly fade away by night. They carry a lot of qualities lacking in humans and what every human desires deep below their superficial layer.

Love      Happiness      Positivity

Strength         Inspiration     Calmness        Duty    Forgiveness

Gracefulness    Purity     Humbleness

You can either be a regular human living a disheartened life worrying about what others say, analysing their behaviour towards you and thinking of avoiding or removing people from your life, or you can be a flower which doesn’t Expect anything from anyone, teaching you life’s much needed qualities to become a better human. It’s your choice!

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