Defining the Complex Neighbour


Sometimes it’s sweet when you share the goodness of life

Sometimes it’s bitter when you take the harshness like a knife

Sometimes it’s love when there is homage

Sometimes it’s a war when there is a breakage

Sometimes it’s an exchange of hugs and smiles

Sometimes it’s an interchange of bashes and whines

Sometimes it’s a gift of a vessel

Sometimes it’s a tiff on the return of that utensil

Sometimes it’s the spice to keep you toed

Sometimes it’s the salt to rub your nose

Sometimes it’s ignorance to mingle

Sometimes its arrogance to stay just single

Sometimes its compassion when you wipe a tear

Sometimes it’s a tension when you don’t shed a tear

Sometimes its humanity when you run out of assets

Sometimes its brutality when you forget the credits

Sometimes its warmth when a new member arrives

Sometimes its darkness when someone dear dies


You can define it however

Life with a neighbour is complex, varying faster than the seasons.


This post is in response to daily prompt:Neighbors

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