Get me that Potion!

Writing is hard (as a matter of fact, a lot of things in life is hard) and that’s what I have learned over these few days. I looked at my posts today. They seemed monotonous in tone and lacked experimentation. I didn’t have anything interesting or exciting to narrate and that is what’s bothering me. Am I boring or has my life been boring all along? It cannot be the latter because I have had so many ups and downs in life just like a lot of us. May be I just need to tell my experience or a story in an appealing manner?

I haven’t actually been a fan of writing. Gosh there are so many things, which go into getting a ‘wow’ post or an article. For example, you need to consider the flow, the grammar, the takeaway… Phew, it’s a lot of effort. Once it’s out, you start biting your nails waiting for the comments wishing most, if not all, to be on a positive note. I have experienced this during my days as a trainer and I respect authors a lot now. I wonder how they do this? Do they have a secret potion, a Panacea that transforms their abundant thoughts into inspiring words? May yes, may be no. But you know what…no matter how hard something is, we must always give it a try and here I am. Just like my mom keeps telling, ‘make an attempt and don’t worry about the result. You will have a satisfaction at the end for trying something rather than wasting your life or time’.

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