Run for the Perfect Relationship

Here’s a question. Why are proposals and the perfect Atmospheric setting an imperative for a successful relationship? Seriously like why? I had gone to meet a group of friends sometime back and one of them is due to marry next year. It was supposed to be a happy occasion with all of us cheering and wishing her, asking her if she needed any kind of help with the wedding arrangements and occasionally teasing her to the point where her cheeks turned red. Instead the topic for discussion was stalled at ‘how did he propose?’ and ‘where did he propose?

Apparently, most of them have this notion that if a guy doesn’t bring the essentials (a ring, a bunch of red roses and may be a necklace) to sync with both great food and music in a romantic place, a relationship is set to be doomed. It doesn’t actually set the path of a long lasting love because the start wasn’t mystical. I wonder if movies are to be blamed for this idiotic thought or ‘us’ because we have simply become more materialistic. What I felt was, I mean, shouldn’t it be important that you are with someone you love, who wants to age with you and deal with everything about you? Shouldn’t it be enough that you know that you are cherished not by zillions but a single person, to whom you are the world? How does it matter what he gave or where he gave? The point is… he has given himself to you and is being honest with you.

Yes it’s nice to be gifted with something and I will not deny it. But that doesn’t have to be extravagant. At the same time, these actually don’t have a real role in making a bond strong. Looking at my friend it appeared that she was thrown under a bus. It felt that now she had to please those around her with her proposal story than being contempt with what truly occurred. As for a success of any relationship, I feel it takes two hands to clap. How each partner contributes to their growth as a couple in terms of love, respect, communication, togetherness (spending time with each other), responsibility, gratitude and support plays a vital role in strengthening them. It’s more realistic and robust, and will definitely take you till the end. I sounded like a spiritual guru (and might be now) and failed to make my point. The ‘have’s’ won over the actual ‘want’s’. Little do we all realise that in the long run, we eventually understand and wish we stuck to the ‘want’s’ of life.

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