From Hell to Tell

Irrespective of the origin, I always tend to read a lot about other women especially their struggles and inspiration. I have come to the understanding that, no matter which country or race you belong to, a woman or the female species has always been subjected to violation in many forms. Today was just another day where I read about the harrowing experience of an ISIS sex slave victim.

‘How do people have the heart to violate others?’… Now, this topic needs an extensive study. In this young woman’s case, she was abducted at a tender age of 11 after watching all the male members in her family executed live. She served as a slave for a head till the age of 25 and was punished severely when she attempted an escape. Her punishment was not getting hit on the hand, or kneeling down but getting gang raped by her rapist’s juniors. She described how she was forced into doing all the dirtiest things possible to please not just this man and how she endured all of it to avoid further abuse. There was one instance where she was burnt with cigarette buds to see her reaction while others laughed and another where she watched girls younger than her getting raped in front of her. Throughout the reading, I could sense the pain and fear a little girl had till adulthood.

The very thought of being in a situation like her itself is so devastating. It is so difficult to put it in words and even harder to imagine the atrocities. This story was not a ‘woman thing’ alone. It’s about hurting another human being. Don’t these people have any remorse? Do they even show compassion or have they ever shown pity to anyone? I wonder if death in the worst-case scenario is one form of showing Mercy to these women. In any case, its difficult to predict how long will all this continue.

If you are reading this, you are in a better place. I took a few minutes to visit her scary and painful path, placing myself in her shoes and those like her. Even as I am typing my thoughts to share with you, my hair strands on my hands are up. Reading about stories like hers has become so common that it doesn’t affect us (or much). Have you ever pondered… ‘if women are treated like this in our generation where on one side we have an iPhone with Face recognition and another shady side where women are locked away behind the doors of slavery, deprivation and humiliation, what will our future be? What will the future of every girl that are born now and those who will be born in the future be?’ The thought itself is so frightening. Voices like hers need to be told (repeatedly). It has to be told. It should be told so that we don’t forget that there is a darker side of humanity, which needs our attention and action.

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