About Moi

The mark of another 12 months of unpredictability has begun once again! Unknown to my novel findings this year and to those encased from years gone by, I have pledged myself to eke out every word that sprees as I saccade on life’s succinct trail.

A little about me:   With a Master’s degree in Biotechnology, arraying words hadn’t been something aimed for right from my humble days of education.  A career in the armed forces or a researcher is what was planned, ending as my interest and responsibility faded or heightened. From a background differing in culture and traditions, I love to call myself a lucky hybrid/gypsy hailing from the Northern and Southern States of India belonging to the diverse  yet, disciplined lifestyles of the Army and Airforce. Now my ached feet have  finally rested in the very hot and humid city of Tamil Nadu. Blessfully, all the learnings and experience acquired over the years have helped me be a “better me”. In my search of peace and strength, to revoke all that I lost and cherish, to diversify my life in words, to intensify my opinions on my milieu and to disparse every letter to a little few, all I could think of is ‘Writing’.

To my kind readers, you are always welcome to share your thoughts on my post by commenting on them.


Varsha (palingenesis of a dithyrambic somersaulted rainei)


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