Open the tap to fill your stomach gap!

The onset of 2011 and I am back to another new list of resolutions. Outnumbering my to-do-resolution list is “drink plenty of water regularly and daily” which I must abide with utmost dedication and loyalty. Summing this to a routinely intake is quite the contrary to how it sounds. Chemically known as H2O, this fluid can fill you up instantly than most solids. Scientifcally proven and acclaimed for its multiple roles in maintaining our health, from fighting diseases to maintaining regular fluid balance within our system to radiant skin, all your answers are found in this transparent tasteless liquid available anytime on the turn of our taps at home.

Today is my first day at work this year and I have successfully managed to drink 3 litres of water already. Phuff!!! It is tiring actually to say as the more you drink, the more you tend to urinate and satiate. Often visits to the washroom can be a bit embarrassing if you are to walk past rows of colleagues who may or may not notice you. While speaking about this to a friend during lunch break, I was astonished to find the many reasons why people intake less water especially in an MNC.

  1. Visits to the washroom
  2. Sedentary lifestyle
  3. Preference of junk food like chips, chocolates or other fries over water
  4. Irregular food habits by binging with no room for water
  5. Use of other fluids like tea or coffee

Irrespective of the odd reasons above, my motto quickly focussed on the yields of hydration:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Regular bowels
  3. Radiant skin
  4. Regulation of body temperature
  5. Proper functioning of vital organs

Crossing my fingers for a long lasting positive change, you too can join me – open the tap and fill your stomach gap!!!