A light against the dark

Finally I know her full name!

It was on this day three years back she endured one of the most horrific crimes committed against women. She also highlighted how unsafe it is for women to venture out in my country. She was brutally raped, tortured and thrown out of the bus. With her internal organs completely damaged, she underwent multiple surgeries. The doctors tried their level best to keep her alive, and she too did her part by not giving up. She mustered all her strength to reunite with the life that she once lived, to fulfill the dreams of her now shattered parents, to tie the many more rakhi’s for her dear brother, to simply, just simply live her life once again. She soon became a household name. She became a daughter or a sister for the millions of Indians. Yes, she was now ‘Family’.

In the days that followed, there were protests and anger amongst many of us but it was mostly the prayers. I too was among the ‘many’ angry at what she went through, angry at our society on how they see women merely as an object of sex only to use and throw, angry with myself for being so, so helpless. Every day she would be a part of me. I would wake up early and switch on the news channel for some positive news on her recovery. All I got was she’s stable, she spoke a few words, she had another surgery, she’s serious, and so on. I remember talking to my mother, telling her that I hope she wakes up soon, but then if she does how will her life be. I imagined myself as her right from what she went through to what she was going through. The fear I had was nerve wrecking. It was something I can till date, not describe. I somehow felt her fear and pain. She was completely immersed in me or rather it was I. Either way, she was now my sister and a daughter to my mother fighting against all odds to live.

She was her best on 29th December 2012. Yes, that’s what I believe and she didn’t lose. She fought and fought, and never gave up. But given all that, when my mother and I heard the news, all hell broke loose. It was the second time in my life my eyes moistened for a human being. The tears now were for someone whom I hadn’t met personally. I cried with my heart, consoled myself several times that she is now in a better place but the truth was – I wanted her to live. The pain was immense and soon everyone I knew also felt it.

Today is her 4th anniversary. I hope she is better now, happy and safe wherever she is.

And yes, her name is Jyoti Singh.


(Note: This was posted on FB to all my friends on this day last year.)