Get me that Potion!

Writing is hard (as a matter of fact, a lot of things in life is hard) and that’s what I have learned over these few days. I looked at my posts today. They seemed monotonous in tone and lacked experimentation. I didn’t have anything interesting or exciting to narrate and that is what’s bothering me. Am I boring or has my life been boring all along? It cannot be the latter because I have had so many ups and downs in life just like a lot of us. May be I just need to tell my experience or a story in an appealing manner?

I haven’t actually been a fan of writing. Gosh there are so many things, which go into getting a ‘wow’ post or an article. For example, you need to consider the flow, the grammar, the takeaway… Phew, it’s a lot of effort. Once it’s out, you start biting your nails waiting for the comments wishing most, if not all, to be on a positive note. I have experienced this during my days as a trainer and I respect authors a lot now. I wonder how they do this? Do they have a secret potion, a Panacea that transforms their abundant thoughts into inspiring words? May yes, may be no. But you know what…no matter how hard something is, we must always give it a try and here I am. Just like my mom keeps telling, ‘make an attempt and don’t worry about the result. You will have a satisfaction at the end for trying something rather than wasting your life or time’.

The Egg and I

Eggs are an important breakfast and dessert item in many households across the globe. Many of close friends join this list, loving and eating eggs in the form of omelettes, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, poached eggs, spicy Egg curry, egg sandwich and so on. Though it’s easy to cook, pack and eat, my encounter with this tiny ingredient was a nightmare.

Months back, I watched a season of the Masterchef Australia (my favourite cooking show ever) and Taste UK on T.V. There were many contestants and among them were three or four Indians. I was surprised. I mean an Indian cooking on an International TV show didn’t make sense to me. We Indians love spices, a restricted list of meats and a whole lot of vegetables. Though our country is so huge with many states, each differing in language, people, culture and mainly food, the cooking is so different – tangy, sweet or spicy. The levels vary but you can expect to get these tastes at an Indian home. Looking at the other contestants, I didn’t think these guys would make it as a winner since they had no experience with a different cuisine (except for a few basics). Nevertheless, I was keen to see their growth.

My takeaway from these shows was experimentation. So I thought I am going to start with making an omelet or a spicy egg curry. I started with buying a carton of 60 eggs (just to make sure I have enough) and watching a zillion videos online. I knew the other necessities for an omelette – onions, tomatoes, green chilly, peppercorn and salt. I was excited and employed my four senses to test. The cooking was easy and the result appeared good for a newbie. I called my husband and he was happy to see my effort. Like the contestants waiting for the verdict, I kept staring at him, watching him swallow the first bite. He looked at me and said ‘I am proud of you. You tried something out of your comfort zone but please don’t do this again’.

(In case you are wondering, I am a vegetarian. And after successfully experimenting with a hundred eggs, I can now make an edible and tasty omelet without tasting it)

Defining the Complex Neighbour


Sometimes it’s sweet when you share the goodness of life

Sometimes it’s bitter when you take the harshness like a knife

Sometimes it’s love when there is homage

Sometimes it’s a war when there is a breakage

Sometimes it’s an exchange of hugs and smiles

Sometimes it’s an interchange of bashes and whines

Sometimes it’s a gift of a vessel

Sometimes it’s a tiff on the return of that utensil

Sometimes it’s the spice to keep you toed

Sometimes it’s the salt to rub your nose

Sometimes it’s ignorance to mingle

Sometimes its arrogance to stay just single

Sometimes its compassion when you wipe a tear

Sometimes it’s a tension when you don’t shed a tear

Sometimes its humanity when you run out of assets

Sometimes its brutality when you forget the credits

Sometimes its warmth when a new member arrives

Sometimes its darkness when someone dear dies


You can define it however

Life with a neighbour is complex, varying faster than the seasons.


This post is in response to daily prompt:Neighbors

A Chase of Many Years

Wow, today’s challenge honestly reminded me of three things – an orange (the fruit), the orange sky and the Orange ball.

When I was working in an IT company in Chennai, I would eagerly wait for the weekends. Saturdays were booked mainly for the most peaceful place in the populated city – the beach. I would wake up at 4 a.m., take a quick shower, grab my camera and wait for my friend who lived nearby. We would then ride off on my two-wheeler and reach our venue by 5:15 am. At this time of the hour, you can barely see any people, as it is mostly dark (except for the fishermen). We walk towards the waters and then wait patiently for the rise of the orange sun. This is a picture captured from one of my races to the beach before the magical event.

The Orange Ball