Ageing towards belief

Half past January of being perplexed, I thought I’d renounce my ability to scribble blogger with random thoughts and intriguing experiences.  Since the start of 2011, revoking the past and eagerness towards another year has been a constant reminder of my present, where I stand and where I should have been. Amidst all this, I did manage to keep myself in the string of age-old tradition with my recent travel to melmaruvathur about 92 Kms from Chennai to visit the famous Adi Parasakthi temple.

Since my kindergarten days, devotion and believe in the almighty has been imbibed with few holy Sanskrit verses. Numerous travels to many holy sites across the country at that time was of course tiring but exhilarating. It all begins with an early wake at 4-5am. A nice bath and head wash commences the start of the ritual. Fasting through hours, we head towards the holy ground by hours of drive carrying all the sacred prayer items like a plate, flowers and offerings. On reaching we wait in queue with hundreds of devotees stranded for days or more to take a glimpse of the goddess (here). The finale sums up with a prasadam and peace of mind to having exculpated all our sins and sorrows.

Funny to many, I realised our beliefs transforming in the creator of life. When you are a child, parents teach you about so many things including God/Goddess and his/her powers. With an innocent mind, every child dreads to commit a sin for the fear that he or she would be punished. Sinning as they say, is something which no one should step into. The more you grow, you find yourself into a young adolescent springing with new ideas and changing culture. I was the same too. All that matters here is friends, crushes and of course studies (thanks to the parents). Talking about praying or visiting temples is a taboo or a diminisher of their social status from being cool to just nerd. Things change eventually when you suddenly feel the weight of dependents on your shoulders. Constant thrive to thwart negatives in life leaves you at the doorstep of the one who decides the destiny and fate of every dweller. As you become the head of your dome, your religious views become stronger and vivid.

With more temples in my visit list while rapidly heading steps in age, I fossick the future with enthralled eyes. Coursing wisdom to my next would be a challenge in the ever-growing metal and electronic life. Still, clinging onto my ‘could be’ will help brimming up a new cause, a new meaning to my existence. Someone once said to me, ‘when you are alone with no one around you, when you feel too low to ignore those who surround and love you, when you are on the verge of giving up your soul, stick onto the faith that things will change and remember ‘When you truly wish for something with your whole heart, then the whole universe will conspire in granting your longed wish’.