A Reiterating Fact

The name ‘Harvey Weinstein’ has now become a global name. There are two takeaways from his latest news. One reiterated the following known facts:

  • Women no matter who they are, where they come from, what colour or race they belong to – they have, and are, and will always be subjected to sexual harassment.
  • A developed country is also not a safe haven for women.

Even today, as I read another article on his years of sexual harassment against women and the increase in the count of his victims, I felt mortified. It’s a question I have asked myself and often discussed with few of my friends like:

  • What gives a man the authority to harass a woman, tease her and even rape her?
  • Do they not have families?
  • Do they lack a conscience?
  • How do they continue living a normal life after messing someone else’s life?
  • Why didn’t anyone stop him?
  • What kind of future is set for a person like Harvey or many others like him?
  • What kind of life will we ‘the current generation’ set to secure every girls safety?

The question list is endless and getting answers for all isn’t going to solve this worldwide concern on women safety and I get it. It’s frustrating and devastating for those who have endured something of this nature. It damages a woman on un-thinkable levels. Some women prefer to remain silent, lock themselves only to live an unhappy and fearful life or simply give up on life. Some however, discover their inner ninja on this path and muster the courage to confront the attacker. Their fight varies from a few days to many years. Success is never guaranteed and they are aware of it but that doesn’t affect their battle. The word Brave gets engraved into their mind and soul constantly telling them ‘I can do this’. And that’s exactly what every woman should remember – Be brave!

This post is in response to The Daily Post Prompts – Brave