The ‘What’s’ of an Immature Adult

It has been a while since I exited the city to seek shelter in the arms of nature to rejuvenate myself. This topic would often exhibit my whining ability to my friends and family. There is always an unavoidable circumstance so the cribbing is constant. Many a times, I have often been tagged to posts such as ‘holiday destinations’, ‘places to visit in this monsoon’, and ‘101 places to see before you die’. As a good reader despite knowing the consequences of clicking the link, I enter the page, read through the contents, absorb the key pointers, go awestruck by watching some of the fabulous images and finally get excited to plan a vacation. Anyway, after a brief period which comprises of talking and chatting online for a few hours, I mellow down to dismay in the four corners of my home and the Cacophony of urban life.

Despite the blues, I have been to a couple of religious trips. From travelling to some of the iconic temples in Tamil Nadu to the historic temples in Karnataka, I have remained spiritually sane and connected to my religious roots. It has been enlightening but I still have the urge to spend a few days for myself, with myself or with someone likeminded in an organic place. But the question I ask myself is ‘what am I going to do there?’

  • Am I looking for a physical activity like trekking, river rafting, para gliding or so?
  • Am I looking for a mental activity like meditating in an ashram?
  • Am I looking at discovering something like Po finding inner peace?
  • Am I looking forward to a day where I could lay on the grass in a forest listening to the mumbles of its dwellers?
  • Am I looking forward to spend a few hours at a spa like my many friends?
  • Am I hoping to capture some spectacular images for myself or for the world?
  • Am I, Am I Am I… Ah, the questions!
  • Finally, will a few days trip continue to charge me for the remaining days of my normal life?

Interestingly, I read a post today by another blogger on her experience as a traveller. She shared an insightful thought on ‘how you should not get deceived by the amazing travelling images of people on FB/Instagram because every ‘wow’ picture has a story’. This story could be of a person slogging for hours at work, juggling between their personal and professional commitments and maintaining a mental balance to remain motivated. It carries many tears of loneliness and desperation for a change so everything that glitters is not really gold.

The need to go out mostly comes from people’s stories – some genuine but most of them superficial. I, for example, a lot of times get jealous over others showcasing their glammed life and their conquered travel plans every time a picture is up and when a trajectory suddenly displays who is travelling where and with whom online. Everything looks incredible but it lacks a story. I am unsure if the experience revived them but I do know that travelling should be a fun experience. Given that, travelling should also be educational and instrumental in grafting your life and inspiring someone else.

Reverting to my final question: ‘Will a few days trip continue to charge me for the remaining days of my normal life?’ if I were to go on one – well, it’s a no. The trip will always be a memory. I might learn something new over the stay like a tradition, a culture, the people, a cuisine, and the history behind the place in general or a monument but honestly that isn’t going to keep me refreshed throughout when I am back. I might look forward to a new experience in the coming months but that isn’t going to keep me positively inclined daily either. So how do I encourage myself? Should I:

  • Write a post daily to improve my writing
  • Read others posts to educate myself
  • Enroll in a yoga class to keep myself flexible and physically fit
  • Cook a new dish, perhaps a healthy one
  • Register for a piano lesson and get certified
  • Head to the local botanical park and study the animals and birds there
  • Improve my photography which could include wildlife, landscape, motion, or portrait
  • Join an organization which matches my interests to help those in need like old aged citizens, challenged kids, animals or nature
  • Share awareness on health and women safety

I could do few of these or everything. Just like how the sky is limitless, there are numerous ways to feel energised. We just have to find the ‘What’, the ‘Who’ and the ‘How’!